Advice for ICD-10: Improve Relationships with Payers Early

On a recent blog post at government-health-technology site GovHealthIT, an important suggestion came up that may help care providers make initial steps through the transition to ICD-10: work on the relationships with third party payers early and often.

The post identifies a few questions that may help foster a more transparent and mutually beneficial transition to the new payment model, scheduled to launch later this year. Some of them include basics, like "Are you prepared to meet the ICD-10 deadline?" or "Who will be my primary contact at your organization for the ICD-10 transition?"

Changes in billing coding will affect healthcare at all levels, and it's important to remember to check for readiness at all points along your care-reimbursement process.

How are you preparing for ICD-10? Have you had any communication with your payers? Let us know in the comments!

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