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Welcome to the JTECH Blog! We hope it becomes a primary source of information and discussion for you in the future! To get started, we have a few tips on using the site that you might find useful. Check in to make the most of your Blog experience and introduce yourself to your fellow readers!

The goal of the JTECH Blog is to help our readers stay connected to colleagues, to the outside world, and (in some part) to us! It's easy to let the wider world of physical medicine pass by when you're nose-down in work all the time! We hope our work here gives you a quick and effective way to network, discuss ideas, and maybe collaborate a bit with the community to make us all more effective at what we do!

A couple of things to help you get started:

1. Subscribe

The Blog is most effective when it comes to you, not the other way around! Using RSS, you can update your news aggregator, email program, or web browser bookmarks to notify you when something new is posted.

First, you should check your web browser or email program for details on RSS support. Some browsers like Google Chrome need an extra free plugin to handle RSS. Internet Explorer includes native support, and programs like Outlook have a special RSS folder you can add us to!

Second, up in the top corner of the Blog you will see a few special buttons. The one with the wavy "broadcast" lines is our RSS link.

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In Internet Explorer, you can click this icon to get the RSS link to add to your program of choice! Lots of resources are available around the web to help with RSS. We're happy to offer advice!

Additionally, you can subscribe to individual blog posts with the Subscribe and RSS icon at the bottom of the post. Any new comments added to the post will be sent to you automatically! Look at the bottom to see for yourself!

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Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or engage on the other services in the top-righthand corner of the blog. We will work on making sure updates are posted to those services as well!


2.  Comment and Rate

One of the main ideas of the JTECH Blog is that information flows in all directions. We really want to hear what you have to say about the news and information we post, even if you're just asking questions or giving your own viewpoints. One measure of our success is how often the subject matter of the JTECH Blog drums up conversation among our users.

Remember to BE COURTEOUS. We enforce our comment policy!

Also, please help us to know what information is relevant for you. Rating each blog post with stars helps us to stay on the right track.

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3. Share!

Did you find an interesting article on the JTECH Blog? Did we keep track of that one bit of research you really needed? Share it with friends and colleagues!

We also encourage you to notify us when you've come across something on your own that you think should be here! We're pretty good at finding interesting things on the Internet, on the radio, in magazines, but we're not as good as all of you. Keep us in mind the next time you come across a relevant tidbit, and we'll give you credit for the find.

How to submit an article


Wtih your help, we aim to be a useful and interesting source of valuable information and interaction that you'll always keep in mind.

Introduce yourself to us in the comments, or send us some feedback using the link at the top of the page! Thanks for participating!

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