JTECH Releases Tracker Version 5.0.49

From the JTECH Medical Software Development news desk… Tracker Version 5.0.49 has been released!

Tracker Version 5 Software

The latest in JTECH's ongoing support of our Tracker Version 5 product has been released. The changelog notes are as follows:

Tracker Version 5.0.49 (June 10, 2015)

New Features

  • Custom Questionnaires are now included in the “Database Transfer” feature
  • Added Primary Muscle and Nerve Root information to the Muscle and IsoTrack narrative report graded tables


  • Inclinometry and Goniometry extremity narrative report data tables now combine the results of left and right sides; active/passive results are still in separate tables
  • Removed extraneous settings from 4th Edition Grip/Pinch Strength Impairments
  • Attempting to start a test with a device that is not registered should now properly alert the user (1 time per device)
  • Fixed an issue within the FCE Posture Test form improperly setting a distraction subtest duration to 1 second in rare circumstances
  • The Impairment narrative report will now show references for impairment ratings of 0%
  • To help prevent misplaced data, users will now be prompted when attempting to create more than 1 Incident per Patient
  • Updated the Algometry Test Selection mannequin
  • The supplemental instructions for some IsoTrack tests have been updated to match their video better
  • The PDL Chart in the Narrative and Worksheet reports has been updated

If your organization has maintained an active Software Maintenance plan, this update and all previous updates are available to you at no extra cost! If your plan has lapsed, please chat with us to find out how updates and other services can benefit you!

JTECH Guardian Support  Full Change Log

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