The ABCs of FCEs

The inability of an employee to perform their job duties after an injury is a constant concern to employers and the affected employee. The optimum time to return to work is often in doubt.  The FCE is one tool that PTs and OTs can use to help better determine when an employee is physically capable of returning to the rigors of their job duties.

oil rigAn article published recently by Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine, discusses FCEs in depth covering topics such as...

  • Who needs an FCE?
  • What should an FCE reveal?
  • What standards are being sought?
  • How long should FCEs be?
  • What ethical obligations exist for clarity?
  • How should the data be used?  

Check out the full article here, and find out how JTECH products can help provide tools to help you answer those questions the right way!

Read the Article  JTECH FCE Tools

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